Professional Formatting

A professional layout gives your book an attention-grabbing look that is pleasing to read.

With professional formatting, your book is formatted using a software program that produces expert layouts for print and digital publishing. You can select one of three different templates for the layout, consisting of a variety of fonts and styles for headers, footers, margins, and page numbers.

  • Formatting does not correct typos, misspellings, incorrect wording, incorrect punctuation, or other editorial issues. Only an Editing Analysis or Copy Editing and Proofreading will only address these issues.
  • Formatting does not include Cover Design. However, you can submit a cover image for placement.

Text Formatting $199  (eBook  or print book interior formatting)

  • Interior Layout
  • Front matter
    • Title page
    • Copyright page
    • Dedication, Preface, Foreword or Acknowledgment page
    • Table of content
  • Body of the book
  • Back Matter
    • About the author, Appendix or Notes
  • Correction of extra white space, paragraph indents, mixed fonts
  • Placement of headers and footers, page numbering, proper order of front material.

Advanced Formatting $299 (Including image placement)

  • All Text Formatting services.
  • Unlimited use of images. We will not crop, resize, or otherwise change your images. What you submit to us will be placed on the page. Images for print must be high resolution, at least 300ppi.
  • There is an additional $9.99 per image charge for image resize and cropping.

Cover Creator $49

  • Format your dustcover to meet the specifications of major online distributors.
  • Cover Creator does not design a professional cover. The author must provide images or design.

Marketing Kit $49

  • Templates for business cards, postcards, and bookmarks
  • Press Release & Sell sheet templates.
    • Files delivered electronically in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF)

Minimum Submission Requirements for any formatting package:

  • Your final, proofread manuscript file, and back cover blurb as either a Microsoft word document, OpenOffice document or in Rich Text Format (RTF).
  • Your images as separate JPEG files.
  • Your ISBN. You must obtain an ISBN before beginning this service for print books. Your ISBN must appear on your copyright page. The ISBN is optional for eBooks.
    • Major online publishing can provide free ISBN or Peltrovijan can obtain an ISBN for you.

You will receive:

  • A PDF as well as a Word version of your formatted manuscript.
  • Instructions on how to upload your file to online publishers such as Amazon, Ingram or Smashwords for worldwide distribution.
  • Assistance with uploads.

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