danger of gas stoves

The natural gas-powered appliances in your home may be slowly killing you and everyone you love. That’s the bad news. The worse news is this: It’s not clear exactly what you should do about it — if anything at all.

The dangers are well documented. Gas-fired water heaters — even the more efficient, tankless kind — regularly puff out clouds of methane, a greenhouse gas that, in the short term, traps at least 100 times more atmospheric heat than carbon dioxide (per unit). Every minute that it’s in your house, even when it’s turned off, your gas stove may be flatulating dangerous pollutants and climate-warming gases into your kitchen.

About 13 percent of cases of childhood asthma in the United States may be attributable to #gas cooktops, a recent study found — a population-level effect similar to that of exposure to secondhand #smoke.

So what’s a homeowner to do? If you spend time around environmentalists or energy experts, you’ll hear a simple answer: Electrify! Most gas appliances can now be replaced with healthier and more efficient alternatives powered by electricity — heat pumps instead of gas-fired furnaces, for instance, or induction stoves instead of gas burners. Electrification is also crucial to the world’s plan for mitigating climate change: We’ll clean up how we generate electricity (wind, solar) while electrifying everything we can (cars, factories, shopping malls, houses), the thinking goes. Add government incentives and stir. #energy #naturalgas #electricity #solar #stove #gasstove

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