Can’t Sleep? Try This Proven Alternative to Medication.

C.B.T.-I. teaches people different ways to relax, like deep breathing and mindfulness meditation, and helps patients develop realistic expectations about their #sleep habits.

It is especially important that people with #insomnia learn to view their bed as a place for restful sleep rather than associating it with tossing and turning. Patients undergoing C.B.T.-I. are asked to get out of bed if they are not asleep after around 20 or 30 minutes and do a quiet activity in dim lighting that doesn’t involve electronics. In addition, they are told to stay in bed only while drowsy or sleeping.

You can search for a provider who is a member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine or use the Penn International #CBT-I Provider Directory.

If you are self-motivated, there are several low-cost or free resources that can teach you the main principles.

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